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Lifting Gear: Your Questions answered About Slings

It can be difficult to understand why one type of sling in the lifting equipment world could be more appropriate than another. It often depends on individual requirements and Lifting Gear can hopefully answer your question.

For most things that need to be picked up, the lightest, easiest to handle, not to mention cheapest option is to use polyester slings. These can either be Webbing Slings, that have a soft eye at each end, or Endless Round Slings -that as the name implies are circular.

We keep both types in stock and have various sizes to choose from. 1T safe working load is normally the starting point for both, and we supply in different lengths, usually beginning at 1 Metre and going up to 10 Metres and more.

Lifting Slings

Slings are colour coded for ease of recognition and have an ID tag with a serial number sewn on to enable a record of inspection to be kept. Slings need to be inspected at 6 monthly intervals; this is one of the many services offered by PDQ Lifting.

The other reason for colour coordinated slings is to make sure employees/those using the lifting equipment know the weight lift limit of the sling for health and safety reasons.

There are several components that can be attached to the slings for different lifting purposes and weights.

Round Slings

Round slings are a very simple yet very effective and efficient piece of lifting equipment and are extremely gentle on the surface contact.

All round slings are colour coded, again to ensure that identifying the weight load is easily identified. The round slings include a label stating length and tonnage and have an inner core, which is made from high-tensile polyester fibre in order to provide the maximum strength and capability. The round slings are extremely durable and are made to last.

Chain Slings

A chain sling is extremely versatile and very safe to use. There is a wide range of slings available to choose from and are available in any length that the customer requires with a great selection of end fittings available to suit lifting equipment requirements. If you require greater flexibility when it comes to lifting, shortening grab hooks will be more beneficial.

PDQ make custom made chain slings to ensure individual requirements are met.

Please contact us for any advice regarding the lifting and moving of items, did I mention the special sling we made for lifting donkeys?


Blog Written by Dale Woods