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Unusual Lifting Equipment Requests

Over the years PDQ Lifting have been asked to supply lifting equipment for many different uses, some of which you would have never have thought of, from the prosaic – moving safes/ garden sheds/ shipping containers, to more unusual items, such as:

  • A large red telephone box (as designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott) in a sixth form centre that had to be laid over to get into a common room, and then be stood upright again afterwards.


  • A cannon captured at the battle of Balaclava- to be moved from the top of a tower to a basement via a winding staircase.


  • A statue of an Egyptian God (Anubis I think – had a head like a dog!) from circa 2000 BC, to be stood on a plinth in a museum.


And some safety lines used to stop people falling into the river Mersey during filming of a production staring Samuel L Jackson and Robert Carlyle.


Blog written by Dale Woods