Basic Lifting Equipment Safety Legislation


In December 1998 there came into force new legislation known as Lifting Operations, Lifting Equipment Regulations or LOLER for short. LOLER is Statutory Instrument (SI) 2307 and it replaces ALL earlier Lifting Equipment legislation.

LOLER requires Manriding equipment and Lifting accessories to be thoroughly inspected every 6 Months and Lifting Equipment every 12 Months. This frequency may vary according to the environment in which the equipment is working.

It is the Policy of PDQ Lifting Limited that a competent person carries out a full inspection of each piece of equipment before and after every hire. For long term hires, Inspections may be carried out at the customers site or the equipment can be returned to one of our depots.

Under LOLER You must consider the following when hiring equipment:

  • Have you carried out a Risk Assessment for the Task?
  • Are your staff competent and suitably trained to use the equipment?
  • Is the equipment to be used to lift personnel?
  • Is the equipment marked with the Safe Working Load or Working Load Limit (SWL or WLL) and an Identification or serial Number ?
  • Is the equipment suitable for the task in hand ?
  • Is a valid test certificate in place for the equipment ?
  • If you have any questions please contact one of our Depots.


The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations also came into force in December 1998 (SI 2306). PUWER imposes duties on an employer including the self employed, in respect of work equipment and the use thereof. The definition of ‘Work Equipment’ includes machinery and Lifting equipment is work equipment. Thus LOLER and PUWER are very closely linked.

Therefore, in addition to the to the points raised above, PDQ Lifting Ltd recommend you consider the following additional points:

  • Is the equipment suitable for the conditions of the operation?
  • Will the equipment affect the Health and Safety of the persons using it ?
  • Is the Equipment regularly maintained ?
  • Does the Equipment conform to relevant E.C. directives?
  • Have personnel been trained to use the equipment and are there instructions available ?