Clamps and Girder Trolleys

When employees are involved in lifting heavy loads, clamps and girder trolleys can not only increase health and safety within the workplace, but productivity levels. This makes girder trolleys and clamps a great investment.


Beam clamps are available in a range of capacities and designs. They may be adjustable or of fixed size, have scissor action, Screw locking or bolt clamp fixings and be suitable for temporary or permanent applications. Select the beam clamp to be used and plan the lift taking into account the following.

  • Type of Clamp – adjustable/Non adjustable – Scissor, screw or bolt action.
  • Capacity and beam size or range of beam sizes.
  • Suitability of beam
  • Type of lifting appliance to be used.
  • If application is temporary or permanent.


Travelling girder trolleys are available in a range of capacities with load bars / suspension eyes to accept hook-on blocks as an integral part.  They are available with push/pull, hand-chain geared or power operated travel.  Select the trolley to be used and plan the lift taking into account:

Capacity and type of trolley – load bar / suspension eye or built in block suspension arrangement – Push/pull, Hand geared or power operated travel. Type of block.  Track size and profile.

Ring us if the trolley is to be used in areas of high risk, exposed to elements, water, steam etc. with hazardous substances or subjected to extremes of temperature.