Polyester Round Slings

Polyester round slings can also be known and referred to as other names, including; soft slings, endless lifting slings and lifting round straps. Round slings are used across several industries due to their all round lifting capabilities.

Polyester round slings that are soft to the touch are much less likely to cause damage to those using them; wire ropes are much more likely to cause injury to hands due to the texture, broken wires etc. Additionally, round slings are very light and compact, making them much easier to work with than other types of lifting slings.

Round slings wear quicker than wire ropes and chains due to the material, but there are wear resistance covers available that will help protect and prolong the wear and tear of the polyester round sling.

Round slings are very cost effective and help to prevent workplace injuries and therefore, make a good choice for investment.

Our Polyester Round Slings can lift between 1 and 12 tonnes, which are colour coded for safe working load capacity. – EN 1492-2:2000.