Thimble Eye – Winch Ropes – Wide Range


Galvanised winch ropes c/w thimble eye one end and fused and tapered the other

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Thimble eye Winch Ropes are just one of the wide range of winch ropes we supply for the UK market.

Can be supplied with or without high quality swivel safety hooks one end with the other end fused and tapered.

PDQ Wire Ropes can fit end stops to the ‘free’ end if specified. Our thimble eye winch ropes are assembled in-house, so please choose from a selection of lengths and weights.

Should you not see the specification you need, please contact one of our team who will be happy to quote you for any size you require. Our contact details can be found here: Most importantly, our staff have years of experience in this field and are keen to assist.

Winch ropes are stamped with a unique ID number and its WLL and also come with a certificate of conformity.



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