Scaffold Hoists and Gin Wheels

PDQ Lifting stocks heavy-duty, high quality chain blocks and hoists for industrial use. 

Our stock of chain blocks and scoffold hoists include:

  • Chain Lever Hoists - Chain-Lever hoists for lifting up to 9000Kg. 
  • Heavy Duty Chain Blocks - Heavy-Duty Chain Blocks to lift up to 5000Kg. Can be purchased with or without tested, certified lift chain. 
  • Gin Blocks - Painted Gin Block with Round Eye Swivel. 
  • Electric Chain Blocks - 110 Volt 1/4 to 2 tonne SWL, various heights of lift. 110 volt transformer and extension leads also available. 
  • Scaffold Hoists and Buckets - Lifting capacity 200Kg height of lift 25 metres. 110 volts. Heavy duty scaffold hoist buckets also available.

Take a look at our products:

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Contact PDQ Lifting if you require any further information regarding our scaffold hoists or Gin wheels.