Round Slings For Hire or for Sale

Round slings are made to conform to EN 1492-2:2000 standards and they are colour coded to indicate safe working loads. Round slings are priced in 1m increments from to 15m. Below is a guide to roundsling colour coding and safe working loads.

  • Violet Polyester Round Slings - 1 Tonne 
  • Green Polyester Round Slings - 2 Tonne 
  • Yellow Polyester Round Slings - 3 Tonne 
  • Grey Polyester Round Slings - 4 Tonne 
  • Red Polyester Round Slings - 5 Tonne 
  • Brown Polyester Round Slings - 6 Tonne 
  • Blue Polyester Round Slings - 8 Tonne 
  • Orange Polyester Round Slings - 10-12 Tonne

Polyester Round Slings - For Sale

Buy Round Slings -Different colours available for safe working load capacity.

  • Violet Polyester Roundslings - 1 Tonne SWL 
  • Green Polyester Roundslings - 2 Tonne SWL 
  • Yellow Polyester Roundslings - 3 Tonne SWL 
  • Grey Polyester Roundslings - 4 Tonne SWL 
  • Red Polyester Roundslings - 5 Tonne SWL 
  • Brown Polyester Roundslings - 6 Tonne SWL 
  • Blue Polyester Roundslings - 8 Tonne SWL 
  • Orange Polyester Roundslings - 10-12 Tonne SWL

Round Slings - For Hire

Hire Polyester Roundslings - Different colours available for safe working load capacity. Duplex type 100% Polyester material, flat woven webbing.

PDQ Lifting provides tested and certified Chain Slings for sale or for hire

PDQ Lifting provides Chain Slings for sale and for hire. PDQ Lifting offers a range of lifting equipment for hire or purchase for the North of England. PDQ Lifting covers Yorkshire, Lancashire, Huddersfield, Oldham, Manchester, Liverpool and many more.