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Easter Offer – 20% Off Your First Hire

For my first blog I thought I would keep it simple. With the Easter break just a few days away I thought that we would tempt new customers with a 20% off your first hire offer. As it’s a long bank holiday weekend followed by a short working week in the run up to The Royal Wedding we hoped that we may as well tempt people to hire some more of our kit!

The offer will last for the whole of April and until we think of another one to replace it with in May.

There are some conditions – chiefly that you open an account with us- and of course, we have what you want in stock ( we do have a large hire fleet so we probably will have).

In Yorkshire it has been known for companies to work on Good Friday and have an extra day off on the following Tuesday. Fortunately, although my depot is in Huddersfield, I’m from Norfolk and am therefore exempt.

Some lucky person will be on call over Easter so if you have an urgent need contact details will be available by phoning the depot nearest to you.

I will be in the garden with kids and dog.

Easter offers at PDQ Lifting


Blog written by Dale Woods